Clarisonic: Save or Splurge?


Perhaps most of you already feel like you have a pretty good skin care routine. I know I did for years. That’s how long I was debating on where to shell out the money for a Clarisonic.. years! So last year, I finally decided that enough is enough and splurged! And let me tell you, this is the best beauty product I have in my regimen! I use this with a sensitive brush head every morning and night to wash my face with my favorite cleanser and it made a huge difference!

I saw less/nothing on my cotton pad after using a toner after washing my face. My serum and moisturizer works even better since the Clarisonic really helps to prep my skin and gives a deeper clean than our fingers can. I wouldn’t suggest using the Clarisonic with any scrubs, because even with a sensitive brush head, you run the risk of tearing your skin by over-exfoliating.

Clarisonics help you get a deeper clean so that your other products can work even better. Also, you’ll need less product so you’ll end up saving more money in the long run! So why wait? Go out, and get this amazing little device that has kept my face acne and bump-free ever since I got it! Just make sure you remember to replace your brush heads every three months.

P.S. Now that the holidays are here, keep a look out for some great sales at Sephora!

  • Clarisonic: Mia 2 Cleansing System



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