Achieve Your Perfect Ombre at Home!

I have never gotten my hair dyed before and I really wanted something a little different from my jet black hair. So I decided to do a natural black to brown ombre! It was tough choosing the right hair dye because my hair pigment is very black and I didn’t want it to end up red or blonde. I was looking for more of a caramel brown effect. So I got the L’Oreal sun kissed caramels collection in Hi Lift Ash Brown, and it was perfect!

I first applied the dye to my tips and left it on for 15 minutes and then saturated the rest of my hair (from my ears down) to achieve the ombre look! I ended up using two boxes and I waited two weeks after the first dying to redo my hair. It’s important to give your locks a break so they don’t dry out. After the second dye job, I did a deep conditioning hair mask for an hour. I found that dying my hair myself at home is a lot easier than I thought! And this is coming from a first time hair dyer, ever!

  • L’Oreal Sun Kissed Caramels collection in Hi-Lift Ash Brown


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